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What we have here is the newest edition to our flashlight line, the WRECK-IT ( LYT ) ! This is a simplified version ( 4 parts instead of 5 ) of the original for those that wanted something a little less expensive but still the same durability and quality of the original!

Like the other model this features a full CNC titanium clips not pressed. custom back button cover with my logo on it and McClicky switch! I will list the other specs bellow!

This model will interchange with any current model as well, meaning the head and slides you can interchange with any other light you buy form me !

The pricing you currently see is 10% less then original and is only going to be till Sunday November 29th at 12pm or if we sell out stock !



titanium - 122g

stainless - 172g

brass - 204g

copper - 212g


H17FX ( programable )


single  Samsung 5000k LH351D


Custom quartz


3.86" long x 1.1" diameter 

Battery size

18350 ( i do make an adapter to run a 18650 )

those will be in parts bellow this 

All parts are machined in Canada and all hand work is done by myself along with building every single torch. I am proud to offer this new model that will last you the rest of your LIFE~!


If you have any other questions please message me on our facebook page and i will go over any questions you may have! here is the link