The Great Zirc Pre order!

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This is the Chubby Chub Zirc ( pre order )

Bar and Tri

This is a 20% larger version of the Chub.

This compact spinner was designed to fit in your pocket effortlessly!

we will only be making 30 of each so make sure you guy what you would like :)


50mm L x 22mm W x 15.5 mm H


Tri  - 71.8g

Bar - 56.1g


Body's will come in either OIL SLICK or BLACKED OUT

ALL zirc buttons will be machine finished and then BLACKED OUT 

(unless requested to be left alone ) 



BAR - 200$ - zirc / titanium buttons 

TRI - 210$ - zirc / titanium buttons 

BAR - 235$ - zirc / zirc buttons

TRI - 245$ - zirc / zirc buttons 



35$ - 24mm standard buttons ( titanium )

70$ - 24mm standard buttons ( zirc )

35$ - 24mm SMOOTHYZ ( titanium )

70$ - 24mm SMOOTHYZ ( zirc )




( DISCLAIMER )   We will also be offering Zirc and titanium buttons in the standard 24mm standard buttons and the NEW SMOOTHYZ!

As most know, I do not machine them myself, yet every single one passes through my hands. I do all the quality control and finishing work to ensure a pristine product leaves my shop.

All the Chub models will come with a press-fit lubricated R188 bearings. I like to be very involved with my customers, so please, if you have any questions, e-mail me or message me on facebook.

My name is Kris Eliuk and I hope you enjoy the Chubby Chub!