The Full Chub ( Bar )

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This is the FULL CHUB!

Much like its counter part "The Chub" it is nearly the same Minus the cut outs! This small touch gives it more weight, which in turn give it different spin characteristic. Still as pocket able as ever as just as much fun to play with :)

This compact spinner was designed to fit in your pocket effortlessly!

It comes in 4 different materials!

The buttons are low profile to allow for a nicer spin dynamic. We do however offer higher profile buttons specifically  for those with XL hands or those who may enjoy a little extra room between their fingers and the spinner.

The " Fatty's " ( taller buttons ) are sold separately

The buttons are also 22mm in diameter, and have a very soft concave pattern milled into each set, for both comfort and grip.

Each Full Chub model will come Polished! It really shows off it’s curves and smooth edge geometry!


42mm L x 19mm W x 12mm H


Titanium - 34.4g 


Brass - 62g 

Copper - 65.7g 

Stainless 58.3g 


All the Chub models will come with a press-fit lubricated R188 bearings. I like to be very involved with my customers, so please, if you have any questions, e-mail me or message me on facebook.

My name is Kris Eliuk and I hope you enjoy the Chub!