THE CHUB ( Bar )

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This is the Chub!

This is a 30% smaller version of the Omni Bar.

This compact spinner was designed to fit in your pocket effortlessly!

It comes in 4 different materials!

The buttons are low profile to allow for a nicer spin dynamic. We do however offer higher profile buttons specifically  for those with XL hands or those who may enjoy a little extra room between their fingers and the spinner.

The " Fatty's " ( taller buttons ) are sold separately

The buttons are also 22mm in diameter, and have a very soft concave pattern milled into each set, for both comfort and grip.

This run of chubs is all high polished!


42mm L x 19mm W x 12mm H


Titanium - 28.2g ( Polished )

Zirc / Zirc - 40.6 ( Polished )

Brass - 50.2g ( Brushed )

Copper - 53.2g ( Brushed )

Stainless 47.5g ( Sand Blast )

As most know, I do not machine them myself, yet every single one passes through my hands. I do all the quality control and finishing work to ensure a pristine product leaves my shop.

All the Chub models will come with a press-fit lubricated R188 bearings. I like to be very involved with my customers, so please, if you have any questions, e-mail me or message me on facebook.

My name is Kris Eliuk and I hope you enjoy the Chub!