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so this is to be combined with Zirc Chubby Chub order

This will be the first time ever we have opened up full material choices for BUTTONS on a pre order

You will be able to order any of the standard Chubby 24mm buttons or NEW SMOOTHYZ for this one time. No more missing a drop once you order they will be with your 


Material choices 

Brass 24mm - 30$ ( Standard or Smoothyz )

Copper 24mm - 30$ ( Standard or Smoothyz )

Stainless 24mm - 30$ ( Standard or Smoothyz )

Titanium 24mm - 35$ ( Standard or Smoothyz )

Zirc 24mm - 70$ ( Standard or Smoothyz )

The lead time as i stated on the Zirc page is 5 to 6 weeks form time of ordering the material :) 

I hope you all have a AWESOME DAY!