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100% of all the proceeds will be going to the BCSPCA in Cranbrook BC Canada


There are 3 different sizes

small ( 3.75"L x 2.25"W ) - left facing  ( this can be put anywhere ! )

medium ( 10"L x 5.75W )  - left / right facing  ( car size )

large ( 20.25"L x 11.375"W ) - left / right facing  ( truck size )


The medium and large decals both have 2 options, LEFT AND RIGHT FACING now the reason I have highlighted this is so you don't buy the wrong side, if you want a set to match both the right and left side of your vehicle you need to make sure you chose the correct options. 

( if you are not sure which side is which that is ok the way you determine which side of a vehicle is if the left or right is from the back of it. So if you buy a LEFT FACING decal it will be inserted to fo on the left side of said vehicle. So that the beaver and goose are facing forward, as you can see on my 1987 chevy. This is an open order so you have all weekend, DO NOT order the wrong side please I am only making what is ordered and shipping out what you picked )

 all the decals will be as you see in this image below, minus the small 3.75 x 2.25 those will NOT have any red on them. The red you see on the decal I put on my truck I custom-made to look weathered to match the truck's age and overall look!


This is an open order, meaning you may buy whatever you like once these are sold out I will never be making Vehicle decals of this again! I only ever planed on making these for my personal truck but after all the comments i decided to share with all of you and do some good in the process!


As I stated above that 100% of the processed will be going to the BCSPCA and I mean that even the shipping you purchase will go to the organization! I will be covering all the back-end costs as I appreciate you spending your hard-earned money to help those in need.


All pricing is in USD, so once all funds have been collected, the final amount will be converted into CAD, and I will round it out to the nearest 100th which is what the BCSPCA WILL receive.

I plan on shipping everything out by end of November! After that, I will drive down to Cranbrook, BC, and give the check to them. There will be a few posts on my group page you are more than welcome to follow along as this is a group effort if you want to see the good you all are doing

 Here is a link to my group page

Again ty you all for the support and the help in making this a success!

------------------------ IMPORTANT INFORMATION -------------------------------------

the small decals can ship either letter mail or expedited parcel


they are large enough that shipped letter mail might damage them, I will be buying special tubs packaging to make sure they get to you safely! If you chose letter mail and it doesn't make it to you as it should, that is 100% on you and I will not be making any more. I am sorry but these are high-end custom LIMITED decals and should be shipped properly. Also if you do not have experience putting on decals please go to a professional. All of mine are done by a local shop as they should be. For the small ones anyone should be able to apply them but for the medium and large if you are unsure how to put them on your vehicle go to a decal shop. I want everyone to enjoy these!